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Litho Print of the Original Artwork of the Stamp Week '96 Sheetlet


Enlarged Image of front of Card (See the full card on the right).

Front of the folded card with image of birds in forest.

Litho Print of the Original Artwork of the Stamp Week '96 Sheetlet.

The envelope housing the card with the Litho Print of the Sheetlet.

Price : USD98.00

1 Copy Sold - only 1 more copy Available!

This is a very hard to get Litho Print of the Original Artwork of the Stamp Week '96 Sheetlet. This set consist of a folded card (Image B & C) with the Litho Print on the inside (Image C) and an envelope (Image D).

Price : USD6.90

This is a very much sought-after set (one with overprint and one without) of MNH Wildlife 1996 Miniature Sheets.

Price : USD2.90

This is a very affordable set (one with overprint and one without) of CTO Wildlife 1996 Miniature Sheets. Everyone should have at least one in their collection! :-)

For a limited time only, purchase the above pair of gems and get this one absolutely free!

Hurry! Limited sets available.

Malaysia's Golden Dragon Series

Price : USD99.90

This is a very rare and hard to find series on the Malaysian Golden Dragon Series on FDC.

This set has 12 covers, 2 with Miniature Sheets and 10 with stamps each of which has one regular perforated stamp and one imperf stamp. The Envelopes are also special issues in that the series on the Arrowana Fish (also known as the Dragon Fish) carries an image of the relevant species of arrowana and the series on the Dragon Artefacts has a dragon printed on the front of the envelope.

WWF Gallery

The WWF Page is under is now online with only a couple of items for sale.



Used Japanese Sheetlets

The page on used Japanese Sheetlets is now online with a dozen items for sale. More items will be added to this page over the next few weeks. Enjoy.........


Grand Prix Special Album

Offer Price : USD35.90


The album is a 28-page Hardcover full-coloured album with 2 beautifully stamped Covers with both the Grand Prix Cancels as per scans attached. It comes enclosed in a custom-made cardboard slip cover. These are very scarce items.

The stamps on the Special covers are PARTIALLY IMPERF! Only 2 sides of the block of 4 stamps are perforated. The rest are ALL Imperf.

Disney Collection

Offer Price : USD19.00