Here are some of the freak stamps that came my way in my career as a stamp dealer. A few others have been sold so their images are no longer available. What is available on this page is also available for sale so make me an offer I can't refuse. :-)

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This is a Singapore Issue, Stanley Gibbons Catalogue # 937, 25th Anniversary of Singapore Zoological Gardens and Launch of New "Fragile Forest" Display. Stamps are multicoloured and printed on Phosphorised paper and self-adhesive with a perforation of 12 x 11.

Singapore takes great pride in whatever they do and mistakes are rare. Being a used stamp, this oversight is indeed rare in that it passed unnoticed through so many hands.

The freak stamp is on the left.

This is a Bulgarian Issue commemorating New Year 1988.

The green leaves are misaligned.

The freak stamp is on the left.

A Frama Label issued by the sole Malaysian Frama Machine for Nil amount! The machine must have gone bonkers.

A printing error on the 10 cents value of the Selangor Butterfly Definitive. This is a very rare item as it is a very major error.