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Our children are our legacy. They are priceless gifts to us, and also our precious gifts to the world, today and for the future. Thus it is only fitting that we set aside one day of the year to celebrate and cherish our young. For this, we have the World Children's Day.

The first World Children's Day was celebrated in 1953 by the International Union for Child Welfare. In the following year, UNICEF (United Nation's Children's Fund) officially recognized and celebrated the World Children's Day. Five years later, on 20th November 1959, the World Children's Day' was officially sanctioned by the United Nations. The world body also urged all the countries in the world to jointly celebrate the day and make it an annual affair to honour the children.

Malaysia had its first World Children's Day celebration on 8th October 1959, held at the National Stadium in Kuala Lumpur. Ever since that, Malaysia has taken active steps to promote the cause for the children.

The celebration of World Children's day in 2003 brings great significance, for it is the Golden Jubilee for the World Children's Day. The celebration in 2003 marks 50 years of honouring and cherishing the children of the world. This year's festivities will be bigger and merrier than ever, for it is also a tribute to the Day itself. It will be a day of commemoration, of worldwide fraternity and understanding among the children of the world. Around the world more than 150 countries will join hands to celebrate this day.

The World Children's Day in 2003 serves as the platform for us to extend our hands, ensuring the younger generation receives the nurturing and love that is due to them. 50 years of celebrating the World Children's Day have brought countless joy and merriment among this "treasure" that we are saving for the future. Efforts are carried out to increase awareness on the need to appreciate and nurture our young ones. And we are proud that today, millions of children are afforded safer and brighter future.

With the 50th World Children s Day Celebration, we will step ahead into a world that cares for the children.



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