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World Heart Day

A Day To Take Heart

World Heart Day was initiated by the World Heart Federation (WHF), Geneva. It is co-sponsored by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). The Malaysian Heart Foundation is a member of the WHF.

Every last Sunday of September effective 2000, governments and health organisations worldwide conducts a host of community activities to encourage people to prevent heart and blood vessel diseases, also know as cardiovascular diseases.

Starting today, you are invited to commit yourself to a healthy heart lifestyle.

Malaysian Society has advanced economically, technologically and socially. However, this has increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases for many of us. In fact, these heart and blood vessel diseases are the number one killer in our country.

Cardiovascular diseases commonly stem from an unhealthy lifestyle characterised by smoking, unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activities and prolonged exposure to excessive stress causing many people to suffer heart attacks or strokes - the two most common forms of cardiovascular diseases.

This exquisite First Day Cover was jointly produced by the Heart Foundation of Malaysia and Pos Malaysia Berhad. Together, we hope you make the theme of World Heart Day your own - "I Love My Heart, Let It Beat".

The Heart - Healthy Lifestyle


Technical Details

Date of Issue : 24th September 2000

Stamp Value :  30 sen x 5 (setenent strip of 5)

Stamp Size : 27.94mm x 44.38mm

Sheet Content : 50 Stamps

First Day Cover Value : 20 Sen

Perforation 12

Paper Watermarked SPM, Phosphor Coated

Printing Process Lithography

Printer : Security Printers (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Designer : Orient Communications Sdn. Bhd.





MNH Set of Stamps 5v

Price - USD1.90

Health Comes First

A healthy lifestyle has its rewards. The background showing high-rise buildings in the first stamp symbolizes the fast pace of urban life. Distant mountains serve to remind us of what nature intends fro us. People walking to work and to school, as well as the cyclist shown in the foreground stress the need for a healthier lifestyle. The signage of the health clinic reminds us to undergo regular health checks.

Control Stress

Stress cripples. The image of a happy family engaged in various healthy activities reminds us of the need to keep stress under check. The colourful butterflies flying about in total abandonment denote the freedom that can only come with a healthy life. Again the mountain in the background shows the serenity that can be enjoyed with a life without stress.

Growing Up Without Cigarettes

cigarettes kill. The prominent "No smoking" sign displayed in the foreground of the third stamp underscores the need to eradicate the smoking habit, especially amount the young. Wholesomeness of youth without cigarette is depicted through healthy sporting activities. The choice not to be trapped by the enslavement of tobacco dependence should be the choice of every young individual.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise keeps a heart healthy. The need for regular exercise is depicted in the fourth stamp. Amidst natural and healthy environment, people of different age groups engage in healthy activities of their choice. Again, the freedom of birds in flight is used to depict the freedom from heart diseases that can only come with healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Choose Healthy Foods

Eat a balanced diet for a healthy heart. The background shows a pastoral setting of a farmland and the farmer tending to his fruit trees in the foreground indicate the bounty of the land. The basketful of a rich variety of foods denotes all the food groups from which to choose a healthy and balanced diet.



Price USD2.50

16th September 2000

  Stamp Week 2000 - Highland Flowers of Malaysia - Series 2

9th October 2000