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Children's Traditional Games

Childhood is a time full of joy with children incessantly trying to  have fun playing all kinds of games. Nowadays, however we seldom see them playing the traditional games where they just have to sit in front of a computer. Just think what a great waste of it would be if this trend continues and these traditional games eventually become a faded memory. Therefore, as concerned citizens who love and treasure the wonders of traditional games, we should make every effort to revive interest in these games and popularise them among children of this era.

Such traditional games include Sepak Raga (Rattan Ball), Letup-letup (Bang-Bang), Gasing (Top) and Baling Tin (Tin Can Bowling). These games are simple to play yet provide endless fun because they all require physical movement while indirectly stimulating the children's minds. The material needed to play such games such as bamboo, sticks, rattan and strings are relatively cheap and easily available.


Technical Details

Date of Issue : 16th September 2000

Stamp Value :  20 sen setenent & 30 sen setenent

Stamp Size : 38mm x 28mm

Sheet Content : 100 Stamps

First Day Cover Value : 20 Sen

Perforation 14

Paper Watermarked SPM, Phosphor Coated

Printing Process Lithography

Printer : Security Printers (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Designer : Ad Integrated Sdn. Bhd.





MNH Set of Stamps 4v

Price - USD1.20

Sepak Raga (Rattan Ball Kicking)

Sepak Raga, or "kicking the rattan ball", is played by four or five children who must juggle the rattan ball with one foot for as long as they can before passing it to a friend. Players form a circle and each player gets a chance to kick the ball which is made from woven split rattan.

Gasing (Top Spinning)

Gasing, or Top Spinning, can be played by two or more children. A string is wound round the top and held firmly while the top is hurled into the centre of the court. The opponent must then hurl his top to "nail" the spinning top and if possible make it stop spinning.. The other players then take their turn to continue the game and the player with the longest spinning top wins.

Baling Tin

Baling Tin or Tin Can Bowling, is also very popular among children because it is really enjoyable. Participants are divided into two teams of three or more players each. Several empty cans of the same size are stacked uo, A ball is tossed from a pre-determined distance. The game begin with one of the teams trying to bowl over the cans and then re-stacking  them. If the ball hits the person arranging the cans before he finishes re-stacking them, his team loses and the opponent will continue with the game.


Letup-letup, or "Bang-bang" is always associated with the game of mock battle. A piece of bamboo measuring about a foot is used as a weapon. The "bullets" are made of balls of damp paper which are loaded into the barrel using a smaller piece of bamboo as a shaft. The "bullets" will shoot out at high speed and hit the target.




Price USD1.90

Protected Mammals - Second Series

25th April 2000